Microsoft Windows binaries for fio

This site contains Windows binaries for fio, supporting Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 and 2016.
The main fio site, which contains the latest code, is at .



fio 2.18 released

x64 installer: fio-2.18-x64.msi
x64 zip file:
x86 installer: fio-2.18-x86.msi
x86 zip file:


fio 2.16 released


  • steadystate: bug fixes
  • fio: Fix (unsigned) integer overflow issues
  • ioengines: Fix td->io_issues[ddir] over decrement
  • eta: Fix ramp time ETA
  • eta: Fix ETA oddness at crossover points
  • server: bump protocol version
  • log: fix for crash with rate IO and logging
  • iolog: add support for replay_scale option
  • lots of steadystate changes

x64 installer: fio-2.16-1-x64.msi
x64 zip file:
x86 installer: fio-2.16-1-x86.msi
x86 zip file:


fio 2.15 released


  • Adds completion latency histogram output
  • server: bump protocol version
  • Add ‘unlink_each_loop’ option
  • Change –output-format argument from optional to required
  • Option for changing log files to use Unix epoch instead of being
    zero-based (when fio starts) epoch
  • Windows: fix Time_tToSystemTime function to be 64-bit compliant
  • fio: bump max jobs to 4k
  • windowsaio: fix completion thread affinitization:
    • Affinitize the windowsaio completion threads to the same CPUs as the submission threads.
  • Implement nice() for Windows:
    • Map the following ranges for the “nice” option:
      • Less than -15:  High
      • -1 through -15: Above normal
      • 0:              Normal
      • 1 through 15:   Below normal
      • More than 15:   Low/Idle
  • Add alias for ‘disable_bw_measurement’ option
    • ‘disable_bw’, similarly to the stats options.

x64 installer: fio-2.15-x64.msi
x64 zip file:
x86 installer: fio-2.15-x86.msi
x86 zip file:


fio 2.13 released

x64 installer: fio-2.13-x64.msi
x64 zip file:
x86 installer: fio-2.13-x86.msi
x86 zip file:


fio 2.11 released

x64 installer: fio-2.11-x64.msi
x64 zip file:
x86 installer: fio-2.11-x86.msi
x86 zip file:


fio 2.9 released

x64 installer: fio-2.9-x64.msi
x64 zip file:
x86 installer: fio-2.9-x86.msi
x86 zip file:


fio 2.6 released

x64 installer: fio-2.6-x64.msi
x64 zip file:
x86 installer: fio-2.6-x86.msi
x86 zip file:


README: command-line parameters and how to build fio.
HOWTO: understanding fio configuration and output.
REPORTING-BUGS: how to report bugs.
COPYING: license.
MORAL-LICENSE: moral obligations.

Older versions

Older versions can be found by browsing the releases directory.